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Welcome to HKIArb

Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb) is a Hong Kong company limited by guarantee established in September 1996. A group of Hong Kong professional people interested in arbitration, mediation and other kinds of dispute resolution got together to form Hong Kong’s own arbitration institute. It has charitable status and is non-profit making.

What are the objectives of HKIArb?

A main objective is to promote arbitration and other alternative methods of dispute resolution (ADR) in Hong Kong which is a service centre for Asia and gateway to China. HKIArb is involved in the training of arbitrators and mediators and the setting of appropriate standards of conduct for arbitrators and mediators in Hong Kong. It is involved in law reform relevant both to arbitration and mediation. It is working to develop ties with other organisations involved in arbitration and ADR, particularly those within China and in the Asia region.

Council 2020/2021

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